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Kingdom: Fungi

Division: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Hymenogastraceae

Genus: Psilocybe

Species: P. cubensis


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Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms Online

Buy Golden teacher Mushrooms Online also known as Psilocybe cubensis is just about the best choice for starters. It strain is very popular due to its easy growth and impressive potency. It is an all round excellent magic mushroom that wont leave anything to be desired. Golden Teachers are very potent mushrooms and can give you a very strong trip. buy psilocybin mushrooms online

First appearing in the 1980s, the golden teacher cubensis is highly sought mushroom strain by researchers due to its reliability, the exact origin of the golden teacher strain is not known, though it is believed to be discovered on a farm in Georgia.

In nature, the first flush of golden teacher will produce medium-sized mushrooms and in later flushes, the mushroom caps might grow very large. It’s a very robust mushroom with big, massive stems. These mushrooms have gills which vary from whitish to purple-brown.

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Cultivators bravely attempt to discover more about spore vials for a variety of reasons. While some merely have access to spore vials, others desire to advance to the next stage of cultivation. Customers at the Magic Mushroom Shop tend to be more familiar with mycelium grow kits and may not be familiar with how to utilize a magic mushroom spore vial. That describes you? Not to worry. You’ve just selected the appropriate blog!

It’s easy to learn advanced mushroom cultivation. When we say advanced cultivation, we mean:

  • Grow Kits without Mycelium
  • Starting from scratch (with PF Tek or other Tek)

Once they are successful, the majority of growers are loyal to Growkits Without Mycelium and PF Tek and don’t want anything else. Most nations consider magic mushroom spore vials to be lawful, helpful, and more productive. Is it worthwhile to read a blog article and watch a how-to video?

It sure is!

In this blogpost, we will discuss:

  • What is a magic mushroom spore vial?
  • How to use the spore vial?
  • 5 fruitful steps for advanced cultivation
  • Grow Kits without Mycelium
  • PF Tek Instructions
  • The advantages of spore vials

Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online spore vial For Sale USA

A vial is made from glass and has a circular rubber membrane on top. When ordering a spore vial, the glass vial will be in a carton box accompanied with alcohol swabs and a syringe. The glass vial contains a special fluid which preserves the chosen strain of spores. Due to this fluid the spores can be preserved for at least two years!

The spore vials are mostly used in advanced mushroom cultivation, meaning we encourage some online research. Luckily we already provided a lot of information in our blog and on the Magic Mushroom Shop Daily Motion page.

How to use a spore vial video instruction

Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online Potency

So far, it’s been very easy, right? The substrate must be injected with the contents of a little vial that has a needle. We will provide a link to comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for the most well-known advanced cultivation technique, The PF Tek Method, later.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms For Sale

We would like share an easy overview. 5 fruitful steps for advanced cultivation:

  1. Create a clean workplace with the right sterilization items.
  2. Produce the substrate. Substrates can be build from scratch, with these items or purchased, ready to go, with these advanced grow kits. When producing a substrate from scratch, is also important to sterilize the substrate.
  3. Inoculate the substrate. Inoculation simply means the process of injecting spores on/in to the substrate.
  4. Provide the right conditions for colonization during the incubation period. Colonization is the process of the spores generating mycelium on the substrate, and the activity of the mycelium spreading out and literately “colonizing” the substrate with a white surface.
  5. Follow the instructions on cultivation. Referring to the process of actually growing the mushroom.



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