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IUPAC Name …..sodium;5-ethyl-4,6-dioxo-5-pentan-2-yl-1H-pyrimidin-2-olate

Molecular Formula …… C11H17N2NaO3

Cas Number …… 57-33-0

Effect …….. Euthanasia, Suicide, Painkiller

Purity of the substance ……… 99.9%

properties …… Pills

6DSSTox Substance ID ….. DTXSID9021712



Buy Nembutal Pills Online

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Nembutal Pills Lethal Dose

The number of Nembutal tablets that are lethal to a patient depends on the patient’s weight and age to some little extent. research have proven that the effectiveness of Nembutal pills and other Barbiturates greatly depends on an individuals weight and age.

The detailed description below will help you understand the number of pills required as a lethal dose. Making it very easy to order Nembutal from us.

Individuals seeking to order Nembutal Pills online for suicide purposes should consider the following doses.

20 pills / 50 mg lethal dose for 50kg – 125kg

50 pills / 50 mg lethal dose for individuals with  130kg – 295kg

75 pills / 100 mg lethal dose for persons with 300kg – 500kg

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20 pills /50 mg + Antiemetics, 50 pills /50 mg + Antiemetics, 75 pills /100 mg + Antiemetics


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