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Buy Orange Tesla ecstasy pill Online

Orange Tesla ecstasy pill is among the most popular drugs in the market. The orange shades of color make it even more attractive to see. Not only the color but the taste and after results makes it one of the strongest drugs in the world. These are also known as pink-red bulls. These pills contain about 270-280 mg of MDMA in it. No other products are used in these pills, so these are pure MDMA and nothing else.

To talk about MDMA, well these are the synthetic drug that is responsible for altering the mood and awareness. To know more about the MDMA category, please do visit the category page of bestplugshop.com

Facts That Can Help You Buy 100 A+++ Orange Tesla ecstasy pill Online

Here are some fun facts that might help you out:

  • The orange-colored pill let you get the chills of a great rush
  • These are tested for the highest purity possible
  • The pills can let you produce high energy, emotional pleasure and warmth as well

Few Side Effects of 100 A+++ Orange Tesla XTC 300mg Online

  • Some of the side effects that you must keep in mind:
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Strokes
  • Some chemical imbalance in the brain
  • Insomnia

Why Choose Escomeds

In dilemma, as to why choose us? Some reasons that would guide you:

  • We are a reliable resource of quality
  • Our motto is to focus on the service of our customers
  • Of course, discounts and hot deals on products for our customers


The orange attractive pill also is known by the name of the pink-red bulls is one of the finest pills in the world. These pills are responsible for the high chills, emotional and physical warmth. These pills have few side effects on the body that must be kept in mind.


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