Yellow and white ‘Technogym’ – 330mg MDMA



Technogym Ecstasy Pill

The technogym pill contains 330 mg of MDMA, more than twice the typical dose for an adult. A drugs awareness charity called The Loop has been testing the pill at various festivals this summer to warn festival goers of the dangers. It has also published a graphic detailing the top 10 strongest pills. It shows the amount of MDMA in each and where they were found at events. They have warned that clubbers should use caution when taking this and other ecstasy products at clubs.

What is technogym mdma ?

The orange Superman pill contains PMMA, an acrylic material, while the yellow technogym pill contains over 330mg of MDMA. The yellow pill has a break line on the back, and a small NL in the middle. The blue pill, found at the Love Saves the Day festival in Bristol, contains nearly three times the recommended dose.

The Technogym pills helps you get high in real-time and create personalized behaviors. The pills also offers biofeedback and increase your heart rate and blood pressure. It offers a increase variety of exercises and allows you to tailor your workouts to your goals.

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